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Experiential Learning

Community Involvement

August 27, 2020

Community service is a volunteer role performed by one or more people to improve the lives of others, make the community a better place to live or care for our world.

Community Involvement

What does it look like?

Community involvement is typically a non-paying job performed by one or more people to benefit community (as opposed to family) individuals, groups, or institutions. It is usually voluntary and it typically addresses a need and provides a service that otherwise is not being addressed. It may be identified and implemented by a student, educator, or community partner in response to a perceived need.


Students and Families

  • Expands experience and contacts

  • Develops future-ready skills and explore interests

  • Contributes to community and others

  • Develops a sense of purpose and meaning

Employers and Community

  • Engages more contributors in community endeavours

  • Raises community awareness and may encourage advocacy and agency

  • Promotes organization or cause as an ally and supporter of/by youth

  • Builds a resource base of potential participants and supporters


  • Encourages civic mindedness and may contribute to development of student social/emotional skills as well as learning skills/work habits

  • May link to curricular learning outcomes and student passions


Students and Families

  • This may include experiences beyond community involvement hours

  • This may involve opportunities that you are already interested in or some that you would like to explore

Employers and Community

  • Providers of community service opportunities will need to consider the appropriateness and accessibility for some students to participate

  • Liaison with parents/guardians and protocols for ensuring safety and security of participants may be important especially where students are under 18


  • May wish to direct students to some of the community volunteer resources and/or encourage student contributions in areas of their interest or passion

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