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Youth Creativity Fund

Waterloo Region youth can get up to $1000

Do you see a problem? Any problem. Big or small.

Are you ready to apply your creativity towards solving it? We want to help you.

Go to YCF website

Let's get creative!

All Waterloo Region youth in grades 5 through 12 qualify to apply.

Even better? We always want to say yes!

If we can't, we'll give you tips to try again.

Do you see a problem?

It could be a big one or a small one. 

Your effort towards solving it could change the world, solve a personal problem or simply satisfy your curiosity.

We don't care.

What we care about is giving you the chance to apply your creativity towards solving whatever problem you choose.

Get up to $1000!

Ask the Youth Creativity Fund for $$$ to help you try out your idea.

Work on your own idea and you could get up to $500.

A group of two or more can access up to $1000.

Then we'd like you to let us know how things went and what you learned.

Want to improve your idea and get better results? We’re there for you. You can apply again.

Go to YCF website

Idea by Idea. Creativity built Waterloo Region.

Now it’s time to support our youth and inspire the next generation of ideas.

Let our youth know they belong and are valued members of our community

By valuing their ideas, we demonstrate we care about them and believe in their future.

Invest in youth creativity

Help our youth realize they are creative

Creativity is baked into every child. Many lose touch with it as they get older.

The Youth Creativity Fund challenges them to connect with their creativity by applying it towards solving a problem they identify. We provide the funds to try out their idea and they report back what they learned.

A culture of creativity benefits us all

Help local youth develop their creative confidence.

We all benefit when our youth thrive. They are the talent we need to thrive as a community.

Investing in our youth is an investment in making Waterloo Region a great place to live, work and play.

Invest in youth creativity

Contact [email protected] to chat about a major investment.