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Experiential Learning

Guest Speakers/Workshops

August 27, 2020

A guest speaker or workshop can be effective in engaging students in a topic, or offering students new perspectives.

Guest Speakers/Workshops

What does it look like?

A guest speaker/workshop can be effective in engaging students in a topic, offering students new perspectives, and providing an opportunity to learn in an engaging, reflective, and insightful fashion.


Students and Families

  • Provides opportunity for exploration for students interested in experience, skills, and requirements related to workplace or community opportunity

Employers and Community

  • Guest Speakers or a Workshop relating to an opportunity or experience can promotes youth engagement and heighten the profile of a community or work placement

  • Develops interest and further exploration related to a workplace or community opportunity


  • Provides meaningful, curriculum-related experience for students

  • Can promote student engagement/motivation


Students and Families

  • Promotes exploration of the opportunities and relevance of studies to areas of interest

  • May be particularly engaging for those who appreciate hands-on, tactile, or authentic experience

Employers and Community

  • Guest speakers or workshops may require liaison and partnership with educators to ensure a safe, meaningful, and engaging experience for all participants


  • Allows for close work with parents and community partners to make curricular connections to field trip experience

Learn more & get involved

The Business and Education Partnership's Speakers Bureau is a great way to connect students to people working in a wide range of positions. They often have interactive activities or case studies that help students understand this role.

Volunteer with the Speakers Bureau or see what we have to offer your class.

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