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Experiential Learning

Take Your Kid to Work

August 27, 2020

Take Your Kid to Work allows students to experience life within a workplace.

Take Your Kid to Work

What does it look like?

Take Your Kid to Work allows students to experience life within a workplace. This provides students with the opportunity to explore career options, interests, and the world of work, better preparing them to make informed educational decisions about their future.

It can include visiting a workplace on Take Our Kids to Work Day, or experiencing several workplace opportunities for partial days or flexible times throughout a year, in a face-to-face manner or virtually.


Students and Families

  • Provides opportunity for exploration for students interested in experience, skills, and requirements related to workplace

Employers and Community

  • Promotes youth engagement and profile of community placement or employer as progressive and supportive

  • Develops interest and possible candidates for employment related to your workplace or community opportunity


  • Provides meaningful, curriculum-related experience for students

  • May link directly to curricular learning outcomes, and can assist in student engagement/motivation and liaison with family


Students and Families

  • Promotes exploration of the world of work and relevance of studies to career

  • May be particularly engaging for those with an interest in work-related skills and career opportunities

Employers and Community

  • This may be a helpful support in promoting employee or community involvement recruitment


  • Allows for close work with parents and students to make curricular connections to workplace experiences

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Take Our Kids to Work

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