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Clayton Moore

Senior Scientific Sales Executive

Rapid Novor

Job Description

I work on the business side of science. That means I'm not in the lab anymore, but rather work with researchers from companies all over the world to help communicate scientific principals and help them design projects to achieve their research goals.

My job in sales focuses in finding researchers that we can help with our unique technology over at Rapid Novor. Some are from some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies on the planet, some are just small companies no bigger than 5 people. Once I find someone that we can help, I explain the technology to them, explain its applications, and when they are ready, help them design a project that advances their work.

It's a bunch of fun, and means I get to interact with brilliant people advancing the fields of diagnostics, therapeutics, and cancer every day!

Relevant School Subjects

  • Arts
  • Business
  • Science

Areas of Expertise

  • Admin/Business
  • Marketing/Advertising
  • Science

Career Story

In high school, I was more or less as you might expect. A keen interest in the sciences, but not entirely sure where I could fit in. Eventually, I found out that I really liked genetics. So I chose to study Molecular Biology and Genetics at the University of Guelph for my undergrad. It was a great place that gave me the opportunity to study a number of different fields, where I eventually found out I really liked viruses!

I also always liked computers, and had heard of this emerging field called Bioinformatics. It's essentially the application of statistics and computer programming to biology. It sounded interesting, but I wasn't sure, so I took some courses. And after taking some courses, I decided to take a summer abroad to work in a lab in Germany. That's when I realized I tended to have more fun solving issues in my code, than at the bench.

Throughout undergrad, I was fortunate enough to work with a number of clubs, and meet several friends, so by the time I was graduating I was offered a spot in a lab for graduate school. That lab focused on grapevine viruses, so it was a perfect fit, and I decided to do my Master of Science in Bioinformatics there.

I spent 2 years studying these interesting challenges surrounding virus evolution, while simultaneously working as a teacher's assistant. Once a week, I would explain to students how to solve genetics equations, and teach them relevant topics that would be on the exam. I loved this scientific communications side of things, and just lived (still do) for that "AH HA!" moment when a concept finally clicks. So when it was time for me to start considering jobs, someone had mentioned sales to me... I initially thought it was silly, but might as well book some meetings.

Before I knew it, I was working myself up the ladder at my current company, Rapid Novor, meeting scientists every day and travelling the world to explain interesting concepts in bioinformatics.

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