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Danielle Joworski

Business Growth & Visibility Consultant / Strategist / Entrepreneur

The VisibelleCEO

Job Description

I help female entrepreneurs to step outside their comfort zones to be seen and heard online or in person so they grow their businesses. Easier. Faster and having more fun.

Relevant School Subjects

  • Business
  • Guidance and Career Education
  • Science
  • Social Sciences and Humanities

Areas of Expertise

  • Admin/Business
  • Education/Training
  • Media/Print/Publishing
  • Personal/Other Services

Career Story

Highschool - studied sciences with the goal of becoming a doctor (psychiatrist)

University - switched my career goal from being a doctor to following in my dad's footsteps and going into manufacturing (food manufacturing with a degree in microbiology)

Logical Career path - after graduating, I spent 5+ years in the food manufacturing industry (quality roles). I then transitioned into the pharmaceutical industry (manufacturing/packaging/compliance roles).

Illogical carer path - at 40, I decided to step off the corporate ladder and become an entrepreneur. And failed because I failed to be visible. So I returned to corporate in automotive manufacturing (HR) and continued an entrepreneurial pursuit.

I created, pitched, produced and Hosted a TV Show for 3 seasons (The C-Suite on Rogers tv in Waterloo Region) - all with no experience or background in media/broadcasting.

I eventually stepped back out of corporate a second time to be an entrepreneur supporting other females who wanted to grow their businesses and be more visible. I use my corporate skillsets (leadership, communication, auditing, teaching) to help make the process of becoming visible and growing a business easier.

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