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Gloria Herrera

HR & Office Manager


Job Description

What I do is so cool. I get to welcome people to our company as new employees all the time, and make their first impressions positive. I help them through their first days, so they know where to go and who to talk to. This is part of the onboarding process, but I also take care of them when they need it and help them when they have questions about a process or something related to the company and our policies. I guide them getting adapted to the company values and the most common and expected behaviours. This is called People and Culture.

In addition to this, I make tons of reports to keep track of many initiatives and expenses that measure how the team and the company are doing and if there is something that needs to be changed. This is to track the OKRs of my department (Objectives and Key Results).

Last but not least, I plan lots of events from team-building activities to lunch and learns virtual fitness classes and so many more that they are hard to count.

Relevant School Subjects

  • Business
  • Guidance and Career Education

Areas of Expertise

  • Admin/Business
  • Engineering

Career Story

I was very good with letters, and even though numbers were not my favourite, I was ok with them. So I chose a university path and prepared for it through high school. I was a great and dedicated student.

Once at university, I took business. I was fortunate to find a job that I loved; it taught me so much about managing people and introduced me to HR. I spent 5 years with the company, and after 2 years, I decided to take my master's degree in HR. I found my passion for working with people.

Since then I have spent the last 15 years of my professional career in HR. Today with international experience and many positions under my belt inclusing my current role as an HR and Office Manager, I still think it's a great path to follow.

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