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Jill Moore

Executive Coach

Jill Moore Coaching & Consulting

Job Description

Executive Coaching is a service that a Leader can buy to help them grow their skills and judgment and learn to be the best they can be in their professional life. I usually work with senior leaders in companies but my cleints can be self-employed, work for a charity, new university graduates just starting their careers or people about to retire. There's a lot of variety in the people that I work with, the goals they have and the problems they need to solve so my job is never boring!

There are many different types of coaches and each has different specialities. My focus is people in transition or facing a big change. This can be going to university, starting a career, changing jobs, losing a job, retiring and anything in between.

The best coaches are curious, excellent listeners, unbiased and caring. I have my own business so I'm my own boss. I meet all of my clients online right now and the only tool I really need for the meetings, besides my laptop and webcam, is myself!

Relevant School Subjects

  • Business
  • Guidance and Career Education

Areas of Expertise

  • Admin/Business
  • Education/Training
  • Financial/Insurance/Banking
  • Social Work/Counselling

Career Story

I went to the University of Waterloo for Math & Accounting and became a designated accountant CPA, CA. I left public accounting to go into the financial services industry where I stayed for 25 years before becoming self-employed in 2019.

My career looks more like a jungle gym than a typical career "ladder". I was brave enough to take many many different jobs that didn't fit a normal career path and this helped me learn new skills. I then applied those skills to learn different jobs. I just kept building on what I knew and what I found challenging and interesting. I was lucky to have people who trusted me enough to give me these opportunities. Over time, my unique experiences helped me take on more senior jobs.

My accounting degree allowed me to be well-suited for jobs that looked at numbers (obviously!) and following processes to get work done. I quickly became more interested in the teams who were doing the work. I wondered why good teams could make bad processes and systems work and poor teams couldn't get the work done with the best systems in place. That led me to jobs in Human Resources where I could focus on the people side of the business.

In Human Resources I was able to build programs to help develop our employees. I was asked to solve "how can we develop our smart people faster" and "how can we find different people to hire so we can be ahead of our competitors on talent". I learned about hiring for skills and potential instead of looking for people who had experience doing the jobs. I was fortunate to coach most of the talents folks in our accelerated development programs.

I led the recruiting team and worked on key documents for the Board of Directors like succession planning, compensation and performance management.

I left the corporate world to focus solely on the work I love - coaching. I did a graduate certificate in executive coaching through Royal Roads University to add professional coaching credentials to my offering. I have my own coaching business and have recently launched a new business, Reframe Leadership & Executive Coaching, with a partner to offer group and individual coaching packages.

I enjoy public and motivational speaking and have experience with career days and speaking with groups of up to 350 people in person and online.

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