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Ryan Brooks


Ctrl V

Job Description

Responsible for interviewing, reviewing resumes of and hiring Ctrl V’s entire internal development team, marketing team and co-op students. Solely responsible for training, supervising and managing 26 co-op students.

Created and maintained Ctrl V’s development timeline and determined feature priority.

Review work of all developers before deployment.

Responsible for hiring, training and supervising Ctrl V’s marketing team.

Directed the marketing team’s efforts and generated concepts for many of the company-wide initiatives.

Assist with the monitoring and review of all content submitted or posted by franchise owners destined for their individual social media channels.

Responsible for training HQ staff on all software updates and feature releases. Created and facilitated all company-wide initiatives, events and campaigns.

And, 10000 other things involved with starting an industry, starting a franchise system, starting a brick-and-mortar business and running all of the above.

Relevant School Subjects

  • Business
  • Computer Studies
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Technological Education

Areas of Expertise

  • Admin/Business
  • IT/Computers
  • Leisure/Sports/Tourism
  • Marketing/Advertising
  • PR/Communications
  • Retail/Customer Service

Career Story

Graduated high school, went to Conestoga College for a three-year Business Administration program.

Dropped out after one semester. Went to Japan to teach English for a year. I was 20.

Returned to Canada, worked at a pizza place for a year, then an Italian restaurant for three months, then a grocery store for two weekends, then another grocery store for one day, then a photo studio at yet another grocery store.

After 6 months I was offered the job of Manager at the photo studio. I turned it down. I applied to a number of universities but was declined from every one of them. Apparently my highschool grades were not high enough / recent enough.

So, enrolled in night school for grade 12 chemistry and went back to Conestoga College for a year of General Arts and Sciences to boost my grades so I could reapply to university.

Got accepted to Lakehead University in Thunder Bay for Physics with Concurrent Bachelor of Education. I was 24.

Halfway through my second year of university, I realized I'm not smart enough for theoretical physics and switched my major to math. This meant I had to complete a first-year, second-year and third-year math course simultaneously to catch up to other people in the math program.

By the end of my third year, I was missing one third-year math course to graduate, and technically wasn't allowed to start my one-year Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) program without it.

Thankfully, one of my professors vouched for me, and the university made my entire program dependent on my ability to simultaneously complete a third-year math course WHILE completing my B.Ed. program.

In the B.Ed program, my first in-class placement was unexpectedly terminated after only one week. I had to return to Thunder Bay and start a last-minute in-class placement.I was ready to drop out but I powered through.

I graduated from university in 2012 and was hired by the Waterloo Region District School Board that same year as an Occasional Teacher.

In 2013, I wrote a 300 page screenplay for a trilogy of live-action movies based on the Legend of Zelda. Met with Nintendo in Los Angeles and then accidentally invented a new type of cinema eyewear called Invisivision.

At the same time, I created the world's first transforming Iron Man briefcase armor which had amassed over 5 million views on a YouTube. Received an influx of requests to build custom electronics for other people’s Iron Man suits. Created the world’s largest online store for Iron Man suit electronics.

Turned Invisivision into a company, got investors, partners and demoed our product to every Hollywood studio. Just as we were about to sign a major deal, our lead investor was arrested for voyeurism at the end of 2015. Deal fell through, as did the entire company's prospects.

Started another company, Ctrl V, the world's first virtual reality arcade in early 2016. Expanded to over 20 locations in Canada, the US and Costa Rica by the end of 2017.

Most recently, as of 2021, I ventured into the role of a freelance software developer, helping other companies to automate their systems and improve efficiencies.

Ryan Brooks shares some of his story in this Explore Your Future panel discussion on entrepreneurship.

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