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Shelby Behling

Owner at Clean & Tidy Inc

Clean & Tidy Inc.

Job Description

I am the proud owner of a company known as Clean & Tidy. I had started the company in 2013 on my own and have proudly grown it over the years to what consists of 40 team members and over 700 clients a month. Clean & Tidy helps home owner and business owners keep their place clean and tidy. We provide a natural clean so it is also a safe environment especially for those with allergies.

Relevant School Subjects

  • Business

Areas of Expertise

  • Admin/Business
  • Personal/Other Services

Career Story

During high school I had worked and managed several different retail locations including: Blockbuster, Smart Set, and a jewelry location in the mall.

I graduated from high school and took some time off to figure out what I wished to do career wise. I then made the decision to go into ECE. After completing 1.5 hours of the course I decided it was not the best for me.

After taking the remainder of the year to decide what was my next step I looked into and eventually signed up for the PR program at Conestoga College.

After graduating I had received a job offer in PR. I learned after working in the field it was not the right area for me.

I was recommended to go into cleaning since I have always had the passion for it.

I had tested this out at a family friends home and discovered quickly my passion for it. Clean & Tidy was then born.

I look forward to connecting with the younger generation to show them that anything is possible if you just continue to encourage and motivate yourself. I fought a lot of demands in my life. I have overcome many obstacles. I was told from a young age that I would not succeed in my future. I have a learning disability. I struggled in school up until high school. As those around me would say, something just clicked. I would love the opportunity to show my support for those going into the next chapter of their lives.

In addition, I am a female entrepreneur which comes with a whole set of other challenges which I have faced as a result. It would be great to motivate females to aim high and don't let anyone tell you that you can't. This goes for all sexes.

I would love to answer questions the younger generation has about business since so many have questions, but feel they don't have a safe space in which they can ask or receive the answers they are looking for. I know personally speaking, I had so many questions about my future and having the opportunity to ask those questions would have made a big difference in my life.

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