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Checklist for a successful visit

Hosting a career talk

A small investment of time can take your students' experience from good to great!

Prepare your students

  • Are the students clear on the purpose of the volunteer’s visit? 

  • Brainstorm with the students some questions for the volunteer. 

  • Have the students research the company/organization where the volunteer works.

  • Have students identify careers of interest and education path necessary for success.

  • Select a student representative to greet and escort speaker. 

  • Select a student to thank the guest speaker. 

Prepare your volunteer  

  • Has the volunteer been prepared regarding the classroom dynamics? 

  • Does the volunteer know the length of the presentation? 

  • Do you have the required A/V equipment if in person? 

  • Does the volunteer know where to park and where to report once inside? 

  • Does the volunteer understand the platform you are using if virtual?

Educator Responsibilities 

Mandatory: Be present in the classroom for the volunteer’s presentation. If you need to be out of the class at all, please make every effort to find another educator to step in during your absence. Our volunteers do not require criminal reference checks because an educator is always present in the room.

If in person: Do you have an escort assigned to meet and greet the volunteer at the office?

If virtual: Has the link been sent to the speaker? Was [email protected] copied on the email? 

Please ensure you have connected with the volunteer to provide logistic details for the day and answer any questions they may have. 

Provide activity support where needed, helping to differentiate instruction to suit the specific learning needs of challenged students. 

Maintain discipline in the classroom, and ensure that the volunteer is aware of specific class routines. 

Have supplementary activities ready for the students in case session does not take the whole time.

Activities for after the career talk 

  1. Reflect on the visit with the students. Ask: What did you find surprising? What was the education path? What did you want to know more about? 

  2. Have the students compile an overview of the essential skills necessary for the  volunteer’s career. 

  3. Have the students identify skills that they have that could be useful in the volunteer’s line of work that they may have acquired from volunteer work or part-time jobs etc. 

  4. Complete our educator feedback form and encourage students to participate. A link for them is provided in both the confirmation and thank you email you received from [email protected] . The BEP admin passes along feedback to the volunteers which is greatly appreciated and assists them for future presentations. 

Thanks for booking a volunteer speaker from BEP Waterloo Region and providing this opportunity for your students.

Enjoy the career talk!

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